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Word by Word is a creative writing collective that brings aspiring writers together to create a space where ideas and writings can be shared, discussed and feedback given, in a supportive environment. 


Last year was unprecedented, and having a space like Word by Word to see us through has been invaluable. At its core, the aim of the collective is to give people the space to grow and explore their writing practice.


Word by Word is a place where members can build their skills and confidence as writers, editors and as workshop facilitators. We actively encourage our members to have a go at creating and/or facilitating a workshop on a subject of their choice that relates to writing/broadening ideas. 


Since the collective began in April 2020, we have hosted two workshops per month, led by different members of the collective centering on everything from writer’s block to journaling, writing with empathy to short stories.  


We are primarily an online platform. Although we hope to be able to host some meetings in person in the future, being online has allowed us to create a community that spans the UK. 

If you would like to find out more about the collective, drop us a message here.