Word by Word Presents:
Tapping into emotions with Diyora Shadijanova
Bush Theatre, Sunday, 11th July 2021
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In the second workshop of the Word by Word Presents series, Diyora will guide participants through various writing exercises exploring how to tap into our emotions and how best to write about them.


Why is it important to write about yourself? How do sensory experiences reflect our inner emotions? Is there a way to add colour to language to express ourselves? Separated into several parts, the workshop will explore these questions and many more.

From objects to quick-fire exercises, the workshop aims to spark fresh observations and ideas within a safe space of self-reflection and awareness. There will also be an opportunity to share work and give feedback to other participants.

This workshop is open to anyone who would like to have a go (you must be aged 18 or over). No prior experience necessary.

**People of colour, LGBTQ+ folk and other marginalised voices to the fore.**

All workshop participants will also be invited to submit any work they have written, whether during the workshop or in their own time, to our Zine: Issue 2, which will launch in July 2022 at the end of the project.

Tickets for this workshop are now sold out.

Covid Health & Safety Measures

When attending the workshop, all participants must wear face coverings unless exempt for health reasons. Hand sanitizer will be available. Further details will be sent out following registration.

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Diyora Shadijanova is a journalist and writer. She is the First Person editor at gal-dem magazine and the host of the Broccoli Book Club podcast. Her work can be read in VICE, Refinery29, Bustle, Cosmopolitan and others.