Word by Word Presents

Word by Word Presents is a new project which offers participants the opportunity to explore new and different forms of writing, and to learn and gain insight from a range of experienced and innovative professional writers. Many people have ideas and thoughts that could be weaved into stories, they just may not have had the confidence to have a go. This project aims to be a space for people to grow and explore their writing practice.


From June 2021 we will be running a series of 12 monthly writing workshops, led by facilitators including Lauren Kinsella, Ama Josephine Budge, Jan Blake, Diyora Shadijanova, John Rwothomack, Belinda Zhawi, and more. The workshops will engage with new and aspiring writers aged 18 or over, and people who would like to have a go at putting ideas to paper. We are particularly welcoming people of colour, LGBTQ+ folk and other marginalised voices. 

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The workshops will take place at the Bush Theatre (Shepherd’s Bush, London) and Delina Kitchen (Shepherd’s Bush, London) and online. 


We have shaped the project in response to the current under-representation of many voices in the publishing and theatre industries. We strongly believe in the importance of creating spaces where ideas can be explored and supported, celebrated while also seeing ourselves represented. 


As well as attending the workshops, participants will be invited to submit their work to our Zine Issue Two, which will be created to mark the end of the workshop series and to celebrate and showcase participants' works. 


All workshop events are ticketed as Pay As You Feel. News of first workshop and how to sign up coming soon…


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Word by Word Presents is presented by us with support from Arts Council England.


See below to see our amazing workshop facilitators:

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In partnership with Bush Theatre and Delina Kitchen.

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