Word by Word Presents:

The Wrap Party + Zine Launch

Saturday 30 July 2022 

15:00 Nudawn, London

12 writing workshops, 12 amazing hosts and a whole load of super talented writers later, it's time to celebrate!


Join us for our end of project wrap party, concluding Word by Word Presents 2021-2022. There'll be music, spoken word performance, open mic and lots of lovely folk. 


There'll also be the chance to pick up a copy of our project Zine Issue II; a print sharing works from folks who both joined the workshops and who hosted them. This is a celebration of the time, care and creativity shared over the past year with each other.


plusss our venue, Nudawn, has a signature rum punch...what's not to love! 

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Line up


DJ sets from QUINTESSNTIAL + Marla Kether

Open Mic led by Abenah Essah*

Common Sound Jam* 

Collective' Soapbox* 

+ Special Guest Performance (TBA)



Get Involved!

*This is also a space to celebrate you! Whether you have a poem, spoken word piece, free flow of words or are part of a collective or group you want people to know about, we would love to from you! Here's how to get involved:

OPEN MIC - The open mic is a chance for you to share your words, whether a finished piece, something in the works that you'd like to try out, or even notes made that day.

If you'd like to share something**, email us at wordbywordcollective@gmail.com or sign up on arrival at the venue. The open mic is going to be led amazing multidisciplinary artist and magical weaver of words Abenah Essah.

SOAPBOX - This is a chance to take time to appreciate other collectives and groups that are also working to create communities. If this is your collective/group and you'd like people to know about it, the space is here! If interested, please email us by Wednesday 28 July at wordbywordcollective@gmail.com.

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Safe Space Policy

1. This is a space for everyone to relax, dance, have fun and celebrate being together. Please be respectful of each other, be mindful of people's personal space - any kind of unconsensual behaviour will mean that you will be asked to leave


2. Please be mindful of gendered language, please try not to assume someone’s gender. Use their pronouns and be respectful should they not want to share personal information with you

3. Let us know your accessibility needs. Our email is wordbywordcollective@gmail.com, and we will do all we can to provide what you need! 

4. Be aware of systems of oppression you may be reproducing, be it gendered imbalance, queerphobia, colourism, transphobia, racism, anti-blackness, antisemitism, islamophobia, ableism, fatphobia etc etc (the list, sadly, goes on).

This is a space of openness, but if you are being willfully unkind, we will have to ask you to step out of the space so that we can maintain the comfort of the space

5. We are here to encourage each other and listen - when the spoken word, open mic and live music parts of the evening are going on, please tune in, and take any conversations to the front of the venue 

Ultimately, please take care of everyone in the space, we are here to be together, enjoy ourselves, hear lovely music and words and see/meet some lovely folk:) Looking forward to seeing you there!


We always want to hear your thoughts, if you feel that any points are missing from these guidelines or have any feedback on them, please let us know at wordbywordcollective@gmail.com